God, you Brits seem to have a million worlds for „Giersch“: ashweed, bishopsweed, goatweed, pigweed, … anyway, it’s that stuff every gardener wishes had never come across ‚cos it spreads like the weed it is … but „Giersch“ also has a lot of healing power: it’s laxative, anti-rheumatic, calming, draining, anti-inflammatory, urate expectorant, diuretic, digestive stimulating, … to name but a few.

If you have it in your garden you should consider incorporating into your diet from time to time, for example as an ingredient for a yummi „Giersch“-Tomato-Salad.



You can wash, drain, clean, …



cut and in fact use the „Giersch“ just like you would use flat leaf parsley, it even tastes similar.

So yes, a Giersch-Tomato-Salad will taste somewhat like a Taboulé (except that I didn’t add any couscous).



I added fresh Mint thought, …



and served it with my own special version of Humus (mix Chickpeas, Olive Oil, a drip of water and a dash of smoked salt with a hand-held blender).

Because well tasting food should alway be well presented, put it on a large plate and sprinkle generously with Olive-Salt and chopped redvein dock (or any other fresh herbs you have at hand.

Happy digging in 🙂



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