They will take one if they love one Who cares if you have to move the ports closer to the person. It would help cooling. Maybe they don’t have fans that can pull from the side and bottom at the same time. Most of the work i proactive, but reactive work (SEV A/CRITSIT) has great perks because the customer is paying an arm and a leg. During my 4+ years I was in more than 100 enterprises, getting invaluable experience that pretty much no one else in the market can compete with. The job is what you make it, and you have the freedom to make it just about whatever you want after you prove yourself..

Luke dying and being a force ghost is a fitting end for him. But him dying the way he did? Terrible. Kyle being redeemed and dying at the end, mirroring the grandfather he idoled? Awesome, except he gets fucking yeeted into a pit and climbs out and just dies with some bullshit force heal..

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I copy these to a personal server in another room and also upload to Google Drive using Rclone to sync the data. One starred photos get stored in another folder for about a month and then are deleted. These are usually out of focus shots or just bad compositions so I don keep them long..

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