So you can only judge by how many times you see them use it on

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Hopefully limiting players could be seen as a fun challenge and not take away from the enjoyment, however I think such challenges would be completely optional for the more hardcore fans. I think the main goal would be playing through and sharing thoughts, builds, rosters, etc. Most people use Meru or Haschel for speed and exploit the broken way speed can cheese most enemies.

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First i was bothered by only have two vault monsters to fight, that seemed like this huge point in the game before it was released. Second, how did Tyhon know all this stuff about the great vault. I pretty sure he never got into the vault on eden 6 right? That what the thyphon log said if I remember correctly.

You cannot do the same with League. For one, you cannot count how many time someone uses Q by watching a league game because there is no Q timer. So you can only judge by how many times you see them use it on screen. Anyway, short backstory: An ex partner of mine in 2007 bought this for me from the BMSR myspace when I was 15. It has minor scratches on the disc but plays perfectly. I tested it last night and it plays through fine.

You go to a game today and you will still see little kids rocking Peterson jersey hand me downs because that’s all you would buy in those days. What? Were you gonna get a Mike Rumph Jersey? Ken Dorsey? I don’t think so. Then he goes to Seattle, which at the time felt like going to an AFC team.

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