I literally thought the whole thing was just a bunch of kids

Geoff Holcombe (Ipswich Jets) 10. Jamie Judge (Burleigh Bears) 11. Bradley Baldry (Burleigh Bears) 12. Citizens are dying. We must act boldly to stop it, the commission, headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, said in an interim report. Nativity plays are longer than I thought! The one we saw lasted a bit more than an hour. I literally thought the whole thing was just a bunch of kids in homemade costumes posing around a baby doll for a few minutes while their parents took pictures. And maybe sang a song or two.

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Esp seeing the faces of Toronto fans on the train when it pulled up at Union Station and the platform was swarmed with Sounders fans singing.I was so glad I decided to book an early flight. The 7AM to Vancouver was only a little delayed but still with plenty of time to make the connection. Home before Noon.Leo and Pineda retired.

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