The families who participated in therapy were taught to

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uk canada goose Others were just given a pamphlet that contained general information about anxiety disorders canada goose coats and treatments. Still others received nothing at all.The families who participated in therapy were taught to identify the signs of anxiety and how to reduce it. They practiced problem solving skills, and exercised safe exposures to whatever made their child anxious.One of the ways to reduce anxiety is a reality check, according to Ginsburg, such as learning to recognize when a fear is healthy and worth paying attention to, like a growling dog, or unhealthy, like a suspicion that the birthday cake is poisoned.taught the kids how to identify scary thoughts, and how to change them, Ginsburg said.For example, if a child is afraid of cats and encounters one in the street, she can first identify the scary thought: cat is going to hurt me. uk canada goose

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