We will soon, if not already, see more patents being filed in

born scientists and engineers

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The GOP presidential candidates sparred Tuesday night on national security, but there was at least one point of agreement among them, or at least between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Canada Goose Parka “I think that we ought to have an H 1 visa that goes with every graduate degree in math, science and engineering so that people stay here,” said Gingrich. was an important step in creating new technologies, new industries and new jobs. Canada Goose Parka

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27 percent of canada goose outlet uk all bachelor’s degrees in computers, mathematics and statistics

24 percent in physical sciences

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Well, an inrush of foreign workers has only worsened the shortage the IT worker shortage. Why? It has kept wages lower than they would be if MS and GooGoo and the other tech giants hadn got such a fawning response from congress to let in a flood of foreign workers. What the tech canada goose outlet uk fake giants REALLY wanted was lower canada goose outlet store uk wages. Now, students who would have considered the field are choosing other majors. Why? It is a difficult major (like a math major but with tons of lab work on top of that), and canada goose kensington parka uk working conditions are not something they want to tolerate without a good reason. Sure enough, the number of students choosing a computer science major is declining. It a consequence of greed and short term thinking. The tech goliaths know how market forces work and got rich because of them. They want to manipulate the forces of supply and demand, at OUR peril, to make more money this year. We pay in the future.

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canada goose clearance I note that the article mentions Bachelor degree. canada goose outlet locations in toronto Even a cursory inspection of this country campuses would indicate foreigners make up a significantly higher percentage of the student canada goose outlet miami body than 25% indicated by the first graph. In many engineering graduate programs, it can indeed be hard to find American born students. Maybe Fareed can dig out the figures for graduate students? canada goose clearance

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canada goose store I hope this data does not have some believing it indicates the number of foreigners who come to America on student visas and then likely to leave unless given an canada goose vest outlet H 1 visa. canada goose outlet store montreal I expect that the vast majority of these foreign born student already had green cards or were even naturalized in American before reaching college age and canada goose outlet in vancouver would be canada goose outlet las vegas employing canada goose outlet new york their skills here any way. canada goose store

canada goose I personally believe that a lot of arguments made for the H 1 visa canada goose outlet buffalo are http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org exaggerated, especially when I read about canada goose outlet ottawa the number canada goose outlet official of engineers and scientists left unemployed in Silicon Valley canada goose outlet england during the current recession. canada goose

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Canada Goose online I have a Masters in Biochemistry and cant get a job bc there are so many unemployed scientists and engineers already for so few jobs. Politicians (Republican and Democrats) are totally naive and don care about the American worker. giving the best jobs away to foreigners, by allowing businesses to go after the cheapest worker. Businesses canada goose parka outlet benefit bc wages are suppressed when there is a flood of people (supply and demand), and Romeny and Gingrich want to increase this number! And stamp a green card to a degree!! Do they not care about American workers??? Insanity!! Canada Goose online

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Americans should ask only one canada goose outlet winnipeg address question why is it that US students can not muster mathematics and sciences? Asian and European students can they have ten fingers to start counting not sixteen (US was supposed to go metric already in 1986 never enacted the agreement);kids have botany,zoology,environmental studies from grade 1 then it is easy to comprehend canada goose outlet online uk chemiistry physics etc. BTW there are no schoolboards hindering studies and teachers either schoold are not political platforms they are there canada goose outlet in chicago for learning. America had Benjamin Franklin his main trait was curiosity Paul Revere another curious person Thomas Jefferson curious. etc. they were the first to adapt scientific iprinciples in explaining how things worked. Space program was also imported to US with foreign scientists the other half went to USSR.

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canada goose clearance sale It does not matter who and how many got the degree. Problem is most of the industries moving East. Starting with manufacturing, then engineering and soon science. We will soon, if not already, see more patents being filed in the East than in canada goose factory outlet vancouver USA. What good a degree is if there is no employers hiring them? Will engineers and scientists keep coming to USA if there is no companies hiring them? I already saw Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese,. going back to there own canada goose outlet sale country to be employed. We are on the losing path if our economy is based on the health of Wallstreet alone. Already our industries are already shrinking, soon our spending power (market) will contract as a result and in this world, only money talks. canada goose clearance sale

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Canada Goose Outlet We need to keep the educated ones. Companies are definitely saving money in the short term by outsourcing as much as possible. But then people trying to figure out their futures see this, and fewer people are going into canada goose outlet shop engineering and science; and the foreign born ones go back canada goose outlet price home with their degrees to compete against us. It strategic STUPIDITY. We won have the mechanical and electrical engineers to innovate in the next generation. Who is dumb enough to think that you can continue to project power with a service economy, where we are somebody else store front and canada goose jacket uk serving each other lattes? If you get into a war, you don think about fighting fairly, but think about winning. High employment is the MOST important goal canada goose outlet in uk (how else do you maintain a mandate in a democracy?). buy canada goose uk If the current situation benefits shareholders but doesn employ very many people in the US canada goose outlet online reviews while draining away our talent. how is it good? I could not care less about the ideological reasoning behind it, or how (ie: less people producing more) a company that doesn employ anybody actually is Canada Goose Outlet.

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