I had that blank stare for probably the entire year

What I Learned From Reading Eat Pray Love

Not to sound [I can’t think of the word here, sue me], but of course there isn’t just one fork in the road for us in life, but many forks. There are even forks that aren’t really forks and you canada goose parka outlet uk sometimes have canada goose jacket outlet toronto to ask, “Wait, is canada goose outlet paypal that a fucking fork?” I’d even bet that some of us canada goose outlet ontario come across a spoon once or twice in our life that is to say, you go around in circles. canada goose outlet belgium Happened to me.

canada goose store For a while, years canada goose outlet online store perhaps, it felt like I was taking all of the wrong forks. Bending when I should have kept straight. Going around in circles when I should have just stopped and taken a breath, stepped back, and waited for a knife (Shit, man. Enough with the cutlery metaphors). canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap Nine years old by today’s standards, is pretty effing old. What were you doing nine years ago? You don’t know do you? Or maybe you have to think for canada goose outlet toronto address a moment and try and pick out some life event to pinpoint what you were probably doing that year. I know what I was doing in 2006. Because 2006 for me was a year in which I was lost. Very lost. Lost like, I would wake up in the morning and canada goose outlet england try to figure out the one canada goose outlet store toronto thing I could possibly do that took the least amount of effort. Blindfold me and stick me on a plane, canada goose outlet germany and upon landing tell me to find my way home, canada goose outlet store uk all while keeping the blindfold on, lost. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket I had a perpetual look about me that screamed, “Wait. just give me a second, okay?” the look on Robert Redford’s canada goose outlet houston face in “All Is Lost” is pretty canada goose outlet new york accurate. Ya. I had that blank stare for probably the entire year. canadian goose jacket

I said the book was published in 2006 but I didn’t read it in 2006. Ahhhhh. see I thought you were paying attention when I said that 2006 was a lost year for me.

I didn’t read it the following year either or canada goose outlet winnipeg address subsequent year after that. In fact I didn’t even know the book existed until the movie came out with Julia Roberts, which, ya, you guessed, canada goose outlet buffalo I didn’t see until very canada goose outlet official recently.

canada goose clearance But lo and behold and after years of avoiding it (when I probably should have been reading it), I read it. I finished canada goose outlet website legit the book today. I started it yesterday (and it’s small font, so eat it). canada goose clearance

Why canada goose clothing uk the haste? Why the rush to read a nine year old book in thirty hours?

Well. I don’t really know, to be honest with you. I think I do, but usually when you think something is the reason, it usually isn’t.

But the jist of it why I read it so http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org quickly and why I was given the book to read in the canada goose jacket outlet uk first place, is because I fell destructively in love with somebody canada goose outlet winnipeg that changed my life, canada goose jacket uk the very way I live it, and who I want to be in it.

I’m okay no, pretty good at descriptive adjectives in explaining myself, at least on paper, what I’m feeling. I can usually get the words out.

canada goose deals But I can’t explain how I feel about her (you). canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale Somebody very important to me gave me Eat Pray Love to read, to help me understand her better, which in the end, is just what happened. Before reading it, I thought I knew her. No, I did know her. After reading it, however, I know her better. Canada Goose sale

So. green sticker for me. “Now what are we doing here?”

Canada Goose Jackets The bad part of this is that I also came face to canada goose parka uk face with having to know myself better I mean really understanding how my clock fucking ticks. Something that I have put off for years. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose I don’t do drugs. Like, ever. Except love. I’m addicted to it. I OD on it. If I could shoot it into my warm veins, I’d be left wearing long sleeves in July just to hide the track marks. canada goose

canada goose coats When I don’t have it love, I crash. And hard. I panic. I get anxious. I mean, anxious isn’t goose outlet canada even the word for it. I canada goose outlet store new york implode. But quietly. Like a literal house of cards. That fhfhffpfpfpfpfhfh sound. (best way I can describe it). canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket There’s a huge success in me telling this to canada goose outlet a room full of strangers (I’m pretending I’m standing at a podium, shut up). One, is that I realize my problem is like a week canada goose outlet shop old band aid wrapped around a two week old band aid. Not canada goose outlet store calgary only is it difficult to remove, but I don’t know what kind of scar will be left behind. buy canada goose jacket

The second success is just for me, and it’s measured by the fact buy canada goose uk that I can say all of this shit publicly, and without embarrassment.

canada goose black friday sale My cemita like craving for attention from the people that I love is an awful trait to have. And at times in my life, many times, okay, a lot of times, I’ve been rendered impotent (not in that way) by worry, anxiety, depression, and the want for affection from the person I love. love that isn’t always there. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose It’s something unexplainable the “why do I canada goose uk want attention so badly.” If you knew me, you’d understand that canada goose outlet uk fake attention is exactly what I don’t want. Which is why this is so difficult for me. Because it confuses me. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online Either way, it has ruined me, to some extent, with relationships. The need for affection, I mean. To be loved. I don’t want to believe this or to use the word “ruin,” ruin implies finality. But I can’t change anything until I come to terms with it. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet And while I still feel like I’m approaching spoons in the road, entering some endless loop and getting nowhere, I’m at least aware that it’s a God damn spoon. If that helps any. It helps me. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka She gave me this book to read to help me understand her better, and I did. I do. But I secretly think she wanted me to read this book to understand myself better. At least I want to believe that. I was crying for help. I still am. And had I not been in a coffee shop when I wrote this, I would have (cried). I felt that point of no return cry approaching like a locomotive, when your head gets tight and your sinuses start to constrict and you can either bury that shit down or let it out. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance sale She knows all about me. She knows when I want to say something but don’t because I open my mouth but stop myself and exhale, canada goose outlet us but that exhale is different from other exhales. She knows that I’ll always walk in on her changing because that’s just either incredible luck on my part or just a coincidence. And she knows that my love for her runs deeper than the Mariana Trench. She knows this canada goose clearance sale.

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