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Not a canada goose outlet mississauga lot of story, but it simple enough.Provo police like to search people homes without permission, and claim you consent (saves the search warrant, and means it can get tossed later in court). I locked my door so they couldn They wanted buy canada goose uk to search my house for fireworks. I said I wouldn consent without talking to a lawyer.The officer pulled out a knife, and explained how a throwdown knife works. They shoot you, wipe off canada goose jacket outlet uk the knife, and plant it on your corpse after wrapping your dead fingers around it. canada goose outlet in montreal So, how about I “consent”?Beards are “banned” at BYU (with a few case by case exceptions), but the ban only interferes when getting photo for your ID or taking a test, and likely a few other canada goose outlet buffalo minor occasions. So as long as you not getting a new ID or taking a test, there is little resistence to having a beard on campus. I saw men with beards and mustaches on campus fairly frequently. I often grew out my facial hair to what would be not allowed (not shaving out of laziness), but I only ever paid for it when I forgot to shave and canada goose outlet winnipeg address went to the testing center. And even there they just gave me a warning. /r/exmormon explains it better than I couldI give my own life as an canada goose outlet winnipeg example. I canada goose outlet uk grew up believing the church claims that they the one true church, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, etc etc etc. And I made life decisions assuming that these things were 100% true. I delayed college to serve a 2 year mission to advertise the church. I dated women and chose my spouse from the small pool of members in my community. We pay 10% of our income (over 1k per month!) to this church.And it wasn until after I got married and had a canada goose outlet hong kong kid that I realized this church is not what it claims to be. I made life decisions with this canada goose factory outlet vancouver assumption that it true in the fullest sense, only Canada Goose Outlet to find out that not only is it false, but it is a completely false religion that actively lies to its members. And members don canada goose outlet 80 off realize how comprehensively false it is because it built itself up on a large foundation of lies.And to try to leave means I tearing apart relationships, even with my own wife. You not allowed to question, much less voice your questions.Plus, it my experience that the average leader does have at least some problems with the church beaurocracy and canada goose parka outlet culture. Some more than canada goose outlet store new york others. My dad a bishop, and he hates how Salt Lake will transfer out the Ward humanitarian aid donations if it exceeds a certain amount. He thinks it should canada goose outlet vancouver stay in this community. But he not allowed to question it.Also, all these guys are donating their time and services under the false pretence that the church is exactly what it claims to be God one and only true canada goose outlet in uk church upon the face of the earth.It not a conspiracy. It a cult.”a subreddit dedicated to people who left Mormonism isn going to shed light on the canada goose outlet in canada situation” [cue rest of the post not discussing the issue at hands]You avoid discussing their arguments by stating that /r/exmormons have motives (they dislike the church). This is textbook ad hominem, explain to me why you think it canada goose outlet uk sale notAnd me? I didn even mention you at any point in my comment.Do you still infer that this is not ad hominem and that I did one? Here the definition:argumentum ad hominem, is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion is avoided by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itselfEx canada goose outlet ontario mormons are cut off from the church when they leave. They get cut off from their friends, from their family, sometimes their spouse, sometimes they lose their job. This makes the church toxic.The church demands 3+ hours of your time every sunday, giving up alcohol, R canada goose https://www.goosesale.ca outlet phone number rated films, shopping on sundays among canada goose jacket outlet sale other things. This makes for a difficult marriage with a person outside of the church, reinforcing point 1.

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