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He gains advantage through your uncertainty, but once the words are spoken, he must retreat or advance and, like all people, he hopes to retain dignity through either course.Even in cases in which threats are determined to be serious (and thus call for interventions or extensive precautions), we advise clients never to show the threatener a high appraisal of his words, Canada Goose Outlet never to show fear.Staying calm produces better results. A way to do this is to consciously ask and answer the question “Am I in immediate danger?” Your body wants you to get this question out of the way, and once you do, you’ll be free to keep perceiving what’s going on.The very fact that this person wrote the threat down and sent it to you is a good thing.If he hates you and really wanted you dead wouldn it just be easier to kill you without warning? He just raised his chance of getting caught substantially.If he is mentally unstable or in a fit of rage and therefore not thinking rationally when he made the threat he also more likely to cool down and not act on it.That not to say you shouldn take precautions or ignore the threat. Definitely report it to 101 or your local station but also try to stay calm.Does the person know, or could he know from your comments what you look like?Does he know what car/bike you drive or could he know?Has he actually mentioned the road you use?Do you know what he looks like?That a little more concerning.

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